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Attic Fan and Attic Ventilation services in Long Island N.Y.

Clearview Roofing since 1961 has over 60 years experience venting attics in both Nassau and Suffolk County. Proper attic ventilation is an important part of a roof installation, kitchen range installation , bathroom fan installation and affects air conditioning and heating efficiency.

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Attic Fans can be electric or solar and force hot air and moisture out in conjunction with vented soffit. In both the summer and winter an attic fan helps with proper attic temperatures and moisture levels.

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Kitchens & Bathroom Vents

Kitchen Ranges and bathroom fans require ventilation as well. Both suck air in and through a duct and that duct needs to go to a damper style vent out the roof or siding. Many homes flood the attic without ever venting the moisture and air properly.
If you are looking for an attic fan install, your bathroom fan vented or your kitchen range vented book an appointment with Clearview Roofing’s certified technician.
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