Hardie Board Siding Contractor

Hardie Board Siding Contractor

Long Lasting Solution

Long Island Hardie Board: A Simple Solution for Home Improvement

You’ve purchased a home but you’re not a huge fan of the exterior brick. Or, when winter rolls around, you feel like you’re living outside because the insulation is so poor. With James Hardie Board siding, you can solve both problems with one durable, long-lasting solution. Especially in Suffolk County where our annual temperatures vary, one aspect that shouldn’t fluctuate is how comfortable you are in your home.

No 1 Siding In America

Hardie Board siding, also called fiber cement siding, is made from water, wood pulp, fly ash and Portland cement. Due to its durability, beauty and high performance, Hardie Board is the No. 1 siding product in America.

Fire Resistant

Hardie Board siding is waterproof, fire resistant, and pest and insect resistant, which means that not only will the siding last for decades to come, but it will also protect your home from the elements, as well as your investment.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is low so you can enjoy all of the benefits without the headache of continual care.

Weather Resistant

Hardie Board is specifically engineered to withstand the particular weather in each zone of the country, so the siding for Long Island and Suffolk County will hold up against all Northeast storms and hot summers.

Vicky Salcedo-Soriano

Eric was amazing and amiable! Also very professional, answered all our questions, respectfully and politely and not at all intimidating. We called the Company to help with an urgent roof inspection and they responded immediately and accommodated our availability. We will be definitely using their services for roof installation!

Andrew Williams

I use Clearview Roofing for all my roofing needs and recently needed a gutter replaced. I called them on Monday, they completed the job on Wednesday and did a great job as usual. Kevin and the team are always very responsive and can be relied on to do a great job at a fair price.

Frederick Seifried

CLEARVIEW Roofing repaired the white aluminum fascia molding that blew off with the recent storm we had. I called and spoke to Chris. After talking to him on the telephone I texted him photos of the aluminum that needed to be replaced. In no time he responded with an estimate that was fair and reasonable. A crew arrived the next day to do the work. Great Job!! Well done! I highly recommend Clearview Roofing!!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hardie Board Siding

Great question! It all boils down to cost (vinyl is less expensive), thickness and durability (Hardie Board wins on both accounts), and siding options (Hardie Board has a few, whereas vinyl has only one).
This particular siding comes with a 30-year, non-prorated and non-transferable warranty. As long as your Hardie Board is installed by a James Hardie Preferred Contractor, which Clearview is, your warranty is protected. So not only can you enjoy a safe and attractive home, you can enjoy peace of mind.
Hardie Board can be used anywhere where you would use real wood siding. So while this is not an option for brick or concrete homes, it’s a great option over less durable types of siding and homes with wood siding.
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