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Clearview’s Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation Will Keep You Covered From the Elements, Guaranteed

A roof is vitally important to the overall safety and security of the entire home because it helps to keep out the elements regardless of the season. Everything happens in the home, which is why it’s important to resolve any issues that happen to the home, the right way and the first time. This is why we provide the best asphalt shingle roofing in Suffolk and Nassau County, NY, and have been since 1961. We are extremely proud of our top quality workmanship and commitment to customers that have made us a 5-star rated residential roofer in Long Island for more than half a century! 

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Great customer service

Asphalt Shingle Roofing is incredibly popular, for good reason


shingle roofing is most often the most economical option for residential roofing

Effective against the elements

Keeps your home safe and dry against wind, snow, and rain


Shingles are relatively quick to install, which cuts down on installation costs


if individual shingles become damaged by certain weather circumstances or events, they can be easily and quickly replaced


shingle roofing comes in a variety of colors and styles, providing the homeowner with a range of options to complement the overall look of the home

Vicky Salcedo-Soriano

Eric was amazing and amiable! Also very professional, answered all our questions, respectfully and politely and not at all intimidating. We called the Company to help with an urgent roof inspection and they responded immediately and accommodated our availability. We will be definitely using their services for roof installation!

Andrew Williams

I use Clearview Roofing for all my roofing needs and recently needed a gutter replaced. I called them on Monday, they completed the job on Wednesday and did a great job as usual. Kevin and the team are always very responsive and can be relied on to do a great job at a fair price.

Frederick Seifried

CLEARVIEW Roofing repaired the white aluminum fascia molding that blew off with the recent storm we had. I called and spoke to Chris. After talking to him on the telephone I texted him photos of the aluminum that needed to be replaced. In no time he responded with an estimate that was fair and reasonable. A crew arrived the next day to do the work. Great Job!! Well done! I highly recommend Clearview Roofing!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shingle Roofs

In addition to a company being licensed and insured to provide roofing services, it’s also very important that they carry Property Roofing Category Insurance. This not only helps to protect the homeowner, it also helps to ensure a quality end product.

You might be able to, but we wouldn’t recommend it! There is more to fixing a roof leak than just a little tar paper and shingles. While a roof leak is a huge issue, continuous roof leaks are even larger issues, and issues that can create headaches on the inside of your home like mold and floor damage. It’s important to use a professional roofing company that has experience in remedying your particular issue in a timely and efficient manner.

It depends on the type of roof damage or leak, but most Clearview clients can experience roof relief as quickly as one day. Our highly-trained technicians are experienced in accurately finding and assessing the issue, as well as providing a realistic timeframe for repair. It’s our goal to help you and your family get back to pre-roof damage life as quickly and comfortably as possible.

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