Drip Edge Installation

Drip Edge: Small Addition, Big Impact

It’s winter and icicles are forming on the side of your house. Or, it’s summer, and heavy rains are barreling down on your home. No big deal, right? Maybe, but you won’t know until you see moisture and water damage on the inside of your home, or failing fascia. Hopefully not, but we see it every year. Drip edge is a great way to avoid water, ice and snow from touching the most important parts of your home, and just one way that Clearview Roofing provides options to help the longevity of your roof and your home.

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Benefits of Drip Edge

Any experience and well versed roofing company will know the benefits of drip edge, and will hopefully share those benefits with the homeowner. After all, it’s about doing the best job now to avoid additional work in the future. Benefits include:

Avoid Damage

Avoiding water damage to roof decking, fascia and soffit

Prevent Moisture

Preventing moisture from climbing up into the roof

Funnel Water Away

Funneling water away from a home’s foundation and preventing water damage in basements

Vicky Salcedo-Soriano

Eric was amazing and amiable! Also very professional, answered all our questions, respectfully and politely and not at all intimidating. We called the Company to help with an urgent roof inspection and they responded immediately and accommodated our availability. We will be definitely using their services for roof installation!

Andrew Williams

I use Clearview Roofing for all my roofing needs and recently needed a gutter replaced. I called them on Monday, they completed the job on Wednesday and did a great job as usual. Kevin and the team are always very responsive and can be relied on to do a great job at a fair price.

Frederick Seifried

CLEARVIEW Roofing repaired the white aluminum fascia molding that blew off with the recent storm we had. I called and spoke to Chris. After talking to him on the telephone I texted him photos of the aluminum that needed to be replaced. In no time he responded with an estimate that was fair and reasonable. A crew arrived the next day to do the work. Great Job!! Well done! I highly recommend Clearview Roofing!!

Frequently Asked Questions about Drip edge

Drip edge is a metal flashing that is installed at the rakes of the roof that helps to both protect the roof from wind-driven rain and control the flow of water away from the fascia. Usually made of aluminum, drip edge is mechanically attached on the sides of the roof and has a small metal flange that is bent away from the fascia, which protects the plywood, roofing components and prevents water from dripping into the soffit.

Because it can affect your entire home! A poorly designed roof edge can not only compromise your roof as a whole, but can also damage the exterior of your home, including fascia, decking, siding, and possibly even foundation. In regard to homes, water always flows down, starting with the roof. It’s important to protect the top to protect the sides and bottom.

Only if you want to protect your roof and your home. We all know that once moisture collects in the home – on any level – that it’s difficult and costly to get rid of. Drip edge is a simple preventative measure to help avoid moisture buildup and future repairs, which is the goal of the Clearview Roofing team.
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