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Clearview Roofing has been venting roofs properly since 1961 as part of what’s considered a standard procedure for a proper roof installation. A ridge vent is a specific type of roof vent that is best for homes that have an apex style roof that has a long ridge or several ridges. A hip roof that has one small ridge is not the best application for a ridge vent.
Ridge Vent Repair

How to install a Ridge Vent

Installing a ridge vent is common practice when installing a Roof. It is important that the vent has an equal intake of cool, fresh air and output of warm, moist air. This ensures that your attic is getting the right amount of ventilation. Once you’ve confirmed air will be moving properly, follow these steps to install a metal ridge vent:

  1. Remove all ridge cap shingles from your roof ridge followed by the cutting on each side of the ridge into the sheathing.
  2. Unroll and or fasten the ridge vent to the roof deck.
  3. Cut the end of the vent so it fits tightly against the end of the ridge vents.
  4. Make sure to line up the fastened ridge vents with the slot cut along the roof ridge.
  5. Once the ridge vent is attached, place straps over the joints and use nails to hold them in place.
  6. Install ridge caps over the ridge vent per manufacturer required instructions.
Let's talk numbers

How much does a ridge vent cost in Long Island NY?

1. A ridge vent can be installed at no additional cost when purchasing a certified roof system from Clearview Roofing.

2. If a ridge vent is added to an existing roof then time, materials and labor must be considered at a price of $12 -$18 a foot.

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