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East Setauket has seen the craftsmanship of Clearview Roofing and Construction rise above the rest. As Timberline GAF-certified shingle roofers, our 60+ years of expertise is evident in every slate roof, precise repair, and skylight we install. Whether it’s our meticulous hand inspections or the avant-garde satellite measurement technology that offers rapid pricing estimates, Clearview has revolutionized roofing services in East Setauket. More than just roofers, our comprehensive range of interior and exterior construction services ensures every home aspect is taken care of with unmatched precision. But what truly sets us apart is the dedication and pride with which we serve the Long Island community — because we’re not just your roofers but your neighbors.

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Roof Installation Services Near You

Clearview Roofing and Construction offers impeccable roof installation solutions in East Setauket and surrounding areas. When it’s time for a new roof, choosing an experienced roofing company matters. Our GAF master elite roofing contractor ensures every roof stands strong against storms, safeguarding your abode for years. Beyond just shingles, we understand the nuances of every roof type, from tile to slate.

Secure your home’s first line of defense with top-notch roofing installation! Choose Clearview Roofing and Construction in East Setauket for a roof that lasts.

Slate Roof Installation

Slate roofs are an impeccable choice for homeowners seeking elegance paired with durability. Our East Setauket roofers specialize in slate roofing solutions, ensuring beauty meets functionality.

Roof Replacement

Every roof has its lifespan, and when wear and tear become evident, it’s essential to consider roof replacement. Our East Setauket roofers bring a combination of skill, precision, and experience, ensuring your replacement roof provides the same, if not better, protection than its predecessor.

Residential Roof Repairs in East Setauket, Suffolk County, NY

Roof leaks and damages aren’t just inconveniences; they threaten the very security of your home. Our specialized roof repair services in East Setauket are designed to swiftly address and rectify every damage, restoring your peace of mind.

Roof Leak Repair Roofing Contractor

Facing persistent roof leaks? Clearview Roofing and Construction is your go-to roof leak repair roofing contractor in East Setauket. Our team, with its keen eye for detail, diagnoses the root cause of the leaks, ensuring that every repair addresses the immediate issue and stands the test of time and weather. Don’t wait; get your roof repair done right with Clearview!

Roof Maintenance & Roof Inspections Services

Regular maintenance and inspections are pivotal in preempting potential roof issues. Our roofing services emphasize early detection and remedy, saving homeowners from costly repairs in the long run.

Installing Skylights

Transform interiors with natural light! Our skylight installations don’t just brighten spaces but also add an architectural charm, creating vibrant living spaces.

Gutter Installation

Gutters are the unsung heroes of a home’s exteriors, directing water away and safeguarding siding and foundations. Our roofing services extend to expert gutter installation, ensuring effective drainage.

Gutters Guard Installation

Prevent debris buildup with our gutter guard installations, a key service to maintain free-flowing gutters and minimize maintenance needs. Steer water away efficiently and protect your property! Trust Clearview Roofing and Construction for expert gutter installations in Suffolk County, NY.

Commercial Roof Installation Roofing Company

For businesses in East Setauket, a sturdy roof isn’t just about protection; it’s a statement of professionalism. As a local roofing company, we offer tailored roofing solutions for commercial establishments, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal.

TPO Flat Roofing Services

Modern commercial buildings gravitate towards TPO flat roofing solutions for their energy efficiency and durability. Our roofers near you ensure flawless installations, guaranteed to last.

EPDM & SBS Flat Roofing In East Setauket, Suffolk County, NY

Our roofing contractors are proficient in EPDM and SBS flat roofing systems, a testament to our comprehensive roofing services designed to cater to diverse needs.

Roof Coating Roofer in East Setauket, Suffolk County, NY

Want to extend your roof’s lifespan? Consider our roof coating services. This protective layer offers added resistance against the elements, effectively reducing wear and tear. Enhance your roof’s durability and lifespan with our premium roof coating services. Experience the Clearview difference in East Setauket!

Copper Chimney Flashing Services

A chimney isn’t just an architectural feature; it’s pivotal for safety. Our copper chimney flashing services enhance its aesthetics and ensure no water infiltrates, safeguarding both the chimney structure and interiors with superior roof flashing. Whether searching for roofers near you, roof flashing experts, or a comprehensive roofing company, Clearview Roofing in East Setauket promises unparalleled expertise and service quality.

Elevate your chimney’s aesthetics and function with our copper chimney flashing solutions. Let Clearview Roofing in Suffolk County be your top choice!

Driving Directions 

Serving East Setauket with our Roofing Services

Nestled within the historic heart of the Town of Brookhaven, East Setauket blends Long Island’s rich heritage and contemporary spirit, home to over 13,000 residents. As this community on the North Shore grapples with varying weather patterns, the significance of robust roofing solutions becomes crucial. Clearview Roofing and Construction, deeply embedded in East Setauket’s fabric, rises to this occasion by offering unparalleled roofing services tailored to the town’s unique needs.

Whether overlooking the serene shores or located further inland, residents can find solace in Clearview’s commitment to quality. As a local roofing company familiar with area codes 631 and 934, we emphasize every roofing task’s aesthetic and functional aspects. Our dedication goes beyond mere service, ensuring every roof stands as a testament to our craft while safeguarding the families and heritage of East Setauket.

Beyond its historic allure and tight-knit community, East Setauket boasts many recreational attractions. From the rustic charm of Benner’s Farm to the creative haven at Play à La Mode, the area caters to diverse interests. For thrill-seekers, Pedego Electric Bikes Stony Brook offers an exhilarating journey through scenic trails, while the Avalon Nature Preserve invites nature lovers for tranquil walks amidst lush greenery. Intertwined with East Setauket’s landscape, these attractions transform it from merely a place to reside into a destination of experiences. Clearview Roofing and Construction, in this vibrant backdrop, doesn’t just build roofs but also fortifies the rich tapestry of adventures awaiting its residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

East Setauket showcases a prevalent trend of homeowner-occupied single-family residences, often indicating a stable and cohesive community. Additionally, the area boasts a crime rate that is notably lower than the national average, ensuring a safe environment for its residents.

In Setauket-East Setauket, households, on average, bring in an annual income of $213,626. Meanwhile, the median yearly income for households is around $161,801.

East Setauket is situated on Long Island and falls within the jurisdiction of Brookhaven, a town in Suffolk County, New York.

The term ‘Setauket’ originates from the Setauket Indian dialect, referring to “Little Neck.” This name was historically used to describe what is currently recognized as Strong’s Neck.

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